LOADING FILES ... by Robert P. Rambo

We use a drag-n-drop method for loading files into ScÅtter. Click on the Files tab (black arrow Figure 1). You will see 4 panels and each panel corresponds to a collection. Simply drag and drop the dat file into a panel (Figure 1) to load the data.

Figure 1 |

ScÅtter can manage a large number of data files. You can add a note to each collection typing in the "box" (green arrow). Different collections can be selected by clicking on the appropriate radio button below the select panel.

Individual dat files can be removed from a collection by using the list of files on the left. Simply click on the check box next to the file name and hit "Remove" to remove the file.

ScÅtter will store the information between collections meaning Rg or Volume determinations from a dataset in collection 1 (Panel 1) will not be wiped out when switching to another collection. To clear all the datasets and analysis, use the clear button below each panel.