A deposit requires the experimental SAXS curve and associated P(r)-distribution to be uploaded as two separate column delimited text files. Any additional models, such as ab initio or homology models must be uploaded as separate PDB files. The following will be required:


    (3 column text file, column 1: q, column 2: Intensity, column 3: error )

  • P(r) FILE:

    (2 column text file, column 1: distance, column 2: P(r) )

  • SAXS Invariants:

    Guinier Rg, I(zero), Porod Volume, Real space Rg and associated errors

  • PDB models:

    from either DAMMIN/F, GASBOR, BILBOMD, etc

To start a deposit, please download this form.  The form is a guide for collecting and organizing the requisite information for a successful deposit.

A general requirement of peer-reviewed journals and publications is the free distribution of experimental data. To fulfill that need, accepts experimental SAXS data and analyses for online redistribution. Please email robert.rambo at for any questions regarding