PLOT SETTINGS ... by Robert P. Rambo, Ph.D.

Resetting Zoom

Most graphs and plots have zooming capabilities. To reset a zoomed window, click on the plot (hold down the mouse button) and move the mouse left.

Saving Images

Graphs can be saved as PNG files by right clicking on the graph (on Mac, hold down control key and click). This will display a dropdown box, click on "Save as...". The file will be saved to the directory specified under the "Settings" tab.

Figure 1:

Formatting Text

Titles and axis labels for each graph can be re-formatted through the "Properties..." selector in the dropdown menu (Figure 1). Here, the actual text can be changed as well as color and font.

Changing Markers

Markers, by default, are open circles. The markers can be changed to different radii and color by clicking on the "Color Selector" on the far left (Figure 2: green arrow) of each dataset listed in the table.

Figure 2:


All selected (checked) files can be written to a specified directory with corresponding Guinier, Kratky and P(r)-plots created. This directory can be used to archive specific sets of SAXS datasets, zipped and shared.

Current Working Directory

CWD button allows you to change the current working directory for saving files.

Cross Hairs

Crosshairs can be disabled for each graph by right clicking on the graph (on Mac, hold down control key and click) and selecting "Toggle Crosshair"