A deposit is a collection of SAS datasets where each dataset defines a common description such as buffer, column type, etc. For instance, if a publication required SEC-SAXS of a protein under 3 different buffer conditions, this would constitute 3 different datasets under a single BioISIS deposit. The single deposit should correspond to all the information required for the publication or thesis.

A dataset requires a 3-column, space or tab delimited text file commonly called a *.dat file. For SEC-SAS datasets, the collection of *.dat files should be zipped and deposited as supporting material OR converted to a *.sec file using Scatter . The set of single dat files used for analysis and modeling are attached to the dataset. Any associated P(r)-distribution can be uploaded as well and is associated with the uploaded *.dat file. Any models, such as ab initio or homology models can be uploaded as a zip file containing all the supporting information. The following will be required:


    (3 column text file, column 1: q, column 2: Intensity, column 3: error )

  • A png file image that best captures the essence of the experiments, could be model, Kratky plot, etc

A general requirement of peer-reviewed journals and publications is the free distribution of experimental data. To fulfill that need, accepts experimental SAXS data and analyses for online redistribution. Please email robert.rambo at for any questions regarding